A New Approach to Shakespeare for Los Angeles

​     There are already several fantastic classical theater companies in Los Angeles, including one award winning company just down from the road from our theater in Pasadena (A Noise Within).  So why another? The Ensemble Shakespeare Theater (EST) has a different story to tell, with a different philosophy.  
     The EST started off as a guerilla theater project, and keeps close to those roots. More specifically: it has become known for unusual and original adaptations of works of Shakespeare. We bring brilliant actors from theater, film and television to some of the best written material of all time. Minimal staging, minimal props, simply: beautiful stories told with beautiful words by brilliant performers.
     The idea was formed by three of the founding ensemble members around dinner one evening: what if we got the best Shakespearean actors we know together, and stripped the plays down to only the words and the people?  No fairy costumes.  No artificial inflection.  Just a dogged determination to tell the story at hand.
     The scope and budget of our shows has grown since then, but the goal of ensemble-based, heart-tugging storytelling has not. Come visit us in our home at the Lineage Performing Arts Center in Pasadena, or follow us online at the latest faceless giant social media corporation!
     The ensemble is based on the idea of a supergroup; it is a side project for currently working actors, and an incubator for up-and-coming actors.  Some of our actors are the stars of hit TV shows, and some in our ensemble are from recent training in NYU, RADA and Shakespeare’s Old Globe in London.  Roles are cast from the ensemble without regard to name recognition.
•To tell Shakespeare’s stories to excite the imagination; to bring his timeless words to life.
•To bring attention and assistance to artistic and cultural causes we support.
•To create cultural events that inspire and encourage thought and conversation.

The Ensemble Shakespeare Theater is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Donations to the EST are tax deductible!